Best Billing Engineering Course|R.A. Bill|GST. Tax invoice

Billing Engineering Course

Best Billing Engineering Course

Best Billing Engineering Course

The following types of bills are prepared at various stages of work during building constructions.

  • Advance bills
  • R.A bills
  • Cash bills
  • Final bills- Advance bills can be prepared for the following:
  • For material contract, the advance bill can be prepared against the material dumped on site by the contractor.
  • The advance bill for the items of work that are expected to be completed within a scheduled period can be forwarded to avoid delay in payments.
  • If bills submitted from site) are not clear or Billing Engineer wants to cross-check the measurements, quantities and stages of work, then to avoid delay, advance payment against the bill can be prepared.
  • Name of Contractor, name of site, date, advance note number, previous advance details etc.
  • Agreement of Contract.
  • Basic rate for material supply.
  • Conditions in the contract for percentage of advance against supply of material.
  • Quality report of material from site with quantity, approved brand name, challan number and specimen samples of the received material.
  • Name of the contractor, name of site, date, advance note number, previous advance details etc. Documents required from site to project the work details, approximate costing of the work to be done, labour strength available at site, overall speed of the work etc.
  • Advance bill should be prepared on the payment Chelan by the site engineer.
  • The bills should be forwarded to accounts department for arithmetical checking after checking by the Billing Engineer.
  • The cheque, if ready, is forwarded to the engineering department for issuing it to the contractor with proper entries.

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