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Quantity Surveying & Training

REINFORCE QUANTITY SURVEYORS AND TRAINING is the India’s best Quantity surveying institute for civil engineers and for architectures. RQSTPL short term professional certification course in Quantity Surveying (Building & Roads) is fully job oriented in India, UAE, Malaysia,Singapore and in Europe Countries. Reinforce QSTPL provides professional certification course in quantity surveying in residential building and in the commercial building. RQSTPL provides the industrial training to their candidates which comprises of the process of executing work on the site which includes the following:

Quantity Surveying in Building Estimation

Quantity Surveyor in Building Estimation

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to Quantity Surveying and Role of Quantity Surveyors.
  • Sequence & schedule of work with all standard Activities.
  • Brief study of building structure from foundation to top level of building.
  • Procedure of estimating metric system, unit conversion.
  • Brief study of construction materials, Nomenclature of items.
  • Estimation and costing of concrete work (footing, columns, slab, beams, staircase)
  • Estimation and costing of mortar work, plaster work.
  • Quantity take off technique from the architectural plan (Brick work, plaster and painting putty work).
  • Estimation & costing by quantity take off from the live projects drawing (PCC Works, shuttering, concrete works)
  • Preparation of estimation sheet for all kinds of building works on Ms-Excel sheet.
  • Management Information System (MIS) generation and preparation in proper formats as per as IS Standard.
  • Estimation works of all three types of building –
  • Residential Building –
  • low rise building.
  • high rise building.
  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Building
  • Pre- Engineered Building (PEB) Estimation.
  • Construction Technologies and Equipments Experimental Studies.
  • Quantity Take off from CAD/ Architectural drawings and MS- Excel.
  • Estimation Procedure and Technique during design phase by client.
  • Estimation Procedure and Technique during Pre Construction phase by contractor.
  • Estimation Procedure and Technique during execution of work at the site.
  • Sanitary and water supply works including plumbing works (septic tank, estimation of soak pit including sanitary & water supply installation with drawing).
  • Bar Bending schedule of technique from all RCC Structure (Footings, Beams, Columns, Slabs, Staircase, RCC Wall and water tank) from live projects drawings.
  • BBS Sheet preparation techniques on Ms-Excel.
  • Masonary, painting finishes and interior works with all standard specifications. (doors, windows, marble, tiles, glass, etc.)
  • Labour deployment planning.
  • Labour output constants for building works as per as IS code.
  • Machineries, tools and plants output analysis as per as IS and as per as market standards.
  • Costing Techniques of all kinds of civil works (concrete, brickwork, earth work, finishing work, interior work, Excavation work, demolishing works, etc.) (per sq ft, rate, etc.)
  • Profit and loss analysis in labour & machineries deploy at construction site.
  • Costing Techniques – Risk Based Costing.
  • Costing Techniques – Parametric Costing.
  • S- Curve Reporting.
  • Daily Work Report (DWR) preparation as per market standard.
  • Daily Progress Report (DPR) preparation as per market.
  • Analysis of Rate as per DAR & Market rate.
  • Material Reconcillation Techniques.
  • Material Procurement Strategies as per as the Techniques uses in Quantity Surveying.
  • Basic and indirect building costs.
  • Working up and submission of Tenders.
  • Working out unit rates.
  • Working costs of tools & plants.
  • Materials and Resource tolerance as per IS code.
  • Bill of quantities preparation as per drawing and DSR.
  • Experimental study of BOQ by the contractor ride and rate quote techniques.
  • Basic Tendering bidding procedures.
  • One live project training with drawing.
  • Report preparation.

Quantity Surveying in Road Estimation

Quantity Surveyor Road Estimation

REINFORCE QUANTITY SURVEYORS AND TRAINING provides professional certification course in road estimation which comprises design of pavement, estimation of earthwork material, estimation of National highway, estimation of State Highway, estimation of WBM Road.
Detail study of the composition of roads, estimation of the hilly road etc.
  • Site execution of road site
  • Methodology/ method of making road pavement.

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to all types of roads.
  • Preliminary requirements before executions
    • Drawings.
    • Availability of material and labour.
    • Permission of Central Authorities .
  • Tools and machineries required for the road work.
  • Composition of road length.
  • Determination of road length.
  • Types of pavements.
  • Geometric design of roads.
  • Method of making pavements.
  • Estimation of metalled road
  • Estimation of earthen material
  • Construction of Water Bound Macadam (WBM)
  • Material required for WBM road.
  • Work procedure for WBM road.
  • Material required and its specifications for bituminous road.
  • Work & Construction procedure for bituminous road.
  • Practical test for the Compaction of filling.
  • Detail estimate of bituminous road with all specifications & construction procedure.
  • Detail estimate of concrete road.
  • Drainage system for different road.
  • Rate and labour analysis as per as IS code, DAR, etc.
  • Maintenance operations for different type of roads.
  • Different testing for road material.

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  • Udham Singh
    I did my btech in civil engineering from Mathura in 2016, currently am working Louis Berger construction company, Gurgaon as a Quantity Surveyor and designing engineer. Thanks reinforce qs institute for placing me . I would like to recommend to all civil engineers to go in the field of Quantity Surveyor and join REINFORCE QUANTITY SURVEYORS TRAINING PVT. LTD
  • Inzamamul haq
    With the hands of Reinforce QSTPL only am currently working as Quantity surveyor cum billing engineer in Green Leaf Construction India pvt ltd , Noida. Thanks rqstpl to trained me from core.
  • Anant Shrivastava
    My self anant shrivastava , I belongs to Ghaziabad (u.p) . I completed my btech degree from sunder deep college of engineering , Ghaziabad . I did all level of training from Reinforce QS institute as a fresher. But afterwards I got placement through REINFORCE QSTPL in RAJ CONSTRUCTION ( doing Nainpur railway station projects in M.P) as a quantity surveyor.
  • Vijay kumar
    I did my btech in civil engineering from Chennai , I have been worked as construction supervisor and site engineer in so many projects. Quantity surveyor professional training from REINFORCE QS training institute helped me to got placed in royal construction , Kuwait as a assistant quantity surveyor and planning engineer. Thanks RQSTPL for making possible to go abroad.
  • Rohtash gola
    I got placed from Reinforce QST institute as a fresher I joined this institute after getting training in estimation and costing , presently am working in pratibha engineering pvt ltd. As a Assistant Quantity surveyor.
  • Gagan bharadwaj
    As a fresher , I never thought that I will get the top most designation in the construction company, but it is currently am working in SOM Construction company as Quantity surveyor. it is possible only because of my quantity surveyors training programme from REINFORCE QST INSTITUTE. Thanks a lot RQSTPL and Nishant sir.
  • Waqar- ul- haque
    I did my btech from skyline institute of engineering and technology. I joined reinforce QSTPL for taking me to top level . Reinforce qst gave me emphasize knowledge in the quantity surveying of building and other civil engineering structures. Thanks a lot .
  • Akshaya Kumar
    My name is Akshaya kumar and I did btech in civil engineering from MDU. In 2017 as a fresher when I left college I didn’t know any practical knowledge about the civil works. By joing Reinforce QSTPL, I got trained about all the civil works ( quantity surveying of all structures ). Now I feel am real civil engineer.. best place for training realted to civil engineering specially quantity surveying with affordable fee.
  • Anand kumar
    Excellent place for Quantity surveyor training , they trained each and everything related to the quantity surveying. I joined reinforce quantity surveyors training institute am fully satisfied the way of training they gave to me. Currently working in bihar in prithivi construction .
  • Vineet kumar
    I got trained from Reinforce QSTPL, Currently working in Omaxe Pvt ltd.. Excellent training institute and higly skilled experience trainers.
  • shahrukh
    Excellent and perfect training institute for civil engineers. 5/5..
  • Aparna Parhi
    Myself is Aparna Parhi from Odisha, I passed out my civil engineering degree from Centurion institute of technology and management , bhubaneshwar, Odisha after that I joined Reinforce QS institute , New Delhi and I can say that it’s the best training civil engineering institute in india , I joined this institute as a fresher and I am thoroughly happythat I did more than 5 projects of estimation works for RQSTPL only…quantity surveyors desgination is highly well reputed desgination in construction companies and as girl it would be more relevant job for girls those who are doing civil engineering.
  • Shahnwaj Ansari
    Thanks to Reinforce QS training Institute for giving me the magnificent training and skill knowledge in the quantity surveying and billing engineering. The best training institute for civil engineering students and for the working professionals. Thanks a lot.
  • Rajesh Naiyar
    I belongs to Banswara District , Rajasthan and I did diploma in Civil Engineering from B.T.E.R jodhpur. I have been worked in ABVP constructions, banswara as site engineer then I planned to quit my job as I wanted to get training in Quantity Surveyor works so I joined Reinforce QSTPL, New Delhi. I got trained there in all civil engineering works from basic level to top level and all the training have done with live drawing . I got trained in Bill Preparation for the clients and contractors, Estimation sheet , measurement sheet and abstract sheet including the execution of layout drawing at the site. Currently doing my own a free lancer of Quantity surveying for the clients .
  • Vikash kumar
    Best training Institute for Civil Engineers in India. I suggest you all civil engineering Students to join Reinforce QSTPL for upgrade your carrier. I joined this institute for Quantity Surveying training , I learned a lot there about there about the estimations works , bill preparations works, planning and budgeting works , DPR making , Tendering and contracting etc.
  • Riyazuddin
    First of all I would like to give my heartiest thanks to Reinforce Quantity surveyors training company and their trainers for giving training to me. As I did my diploma in civil engineering and contributing my handsin my father’s contruction company ( Green leaf construction pvt. Ltd , Noida ) but after trained from Reinforce QST , I found the quantity surveying training is much relevant and significant regarding my practical and technical skills. Now I take major work like billing and estimating for my work only and checking all the executions to. Thanks RQSTPL .
  • Shah AAlam choudhray
    Best civil engineering training institute in India. Great place where the fresher and professionals can upgrade their core practical skill in related to Quantity Surveying, Billing engineering, Tendering , Contract and project management. I did all level and got place through this institute Reinforce Quantity Surveyors training pvt ltd in Pratiksha Homes pvt ltd. Noida.
  • Rajneesh chauhan
    Idid my Btech and MBA from NIMS University, Jaipur in 2013 and I having four year experience of works then after I did all level of professional certification training from Reinforce QSTPL. Currently am working as Billing Engineer in Girdhari lal Construction pvt. Ltd , New delhi and would like to recommend all fresher and professionals to join RQSTPL for getting a highly reputed desgination in the construction works.
  • Zubair Ahmed siddiqi
    I have completed my btech in civil engineering from sunderdeep college of engineering, Ghaziabad. Currently am doing my own work in the field of construction and I do all estimation and billing related works my self only as my company is newly startup. I would like to say that this all skill I got trained from REINFORCE QS institute , New Delhi. Thanks RQSTPL and Nishant sir to inbuilt me in the construction works.
  • Nitish Mehrotra
    I have more than 4years experience as a site engineer in different projects like bridge and building etc. after getting trained from Reinforce QST pvt ltd , I got updated and currently working as a Quantity Surveyor and handling Tendering and procurement department in SEPCO Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.( thermal power projects ). Thanks REINFORCE QSTPL and their trainers for moulding my carrier from site engineer to the ambitious Quantity surveyors job.
  • Vyom Singh Solankey
    I did my B.E from V.T.U , Banglore. I did professional certification training in quantity surveying ( all civil works ), billing engineering , tendering ,procurement and contract management and project management from REINFORCE QUANTITY SURVEYORS TRAINING INSTITUTE. I can say that RQSTPL is the Best center for Quantity Surveying in India. I got trained in every aspects of civil construction works like building , road, tunnel and bridge etc. I got placed in BuiltIndia pvt ltd.
  • Ubaid Wasim
    My name is Ubaid Wasim , I have completed My btech from I.I.M.T Engineering college , Merrut. After joining Reinforce Quantity surveyors training Institute only I came to know the practically the real civil engineering. Now I am confidant and gained all the core practically knowledge about the quantity surveying involving all civil works ( building , roads etc ). Got thoroughly trained in estimation and costing , BBS , BOQ preparation , Billing Engineering, Tendering and Contract management . Currently I got placed in Sai green infra tech , New delhi as Assistant Quantity Surveyor.
  • Puneet Kumar
    Hello , myself is puneet kumar . I did my Diploma degree in civil engineering from V.I.I.T polytechnic college , Bulandsahar (UP).When I joined Reinforce Quantity Surveyors Training Pvt. LTD. I didn’t have practically knowledge in construction works, After joining this ReinforceQST , got trained from all basic level to the professional level of skills in related to Quantity Surveying of all civil works. Thanks to RQSTPL for enhancing my civil engineering practical skills and my carrier.